Home Automation

NM Fire and Security Systems Ltd.

Control your home from your phone!

AT NM Fire, we can install various systems that you can control from your phone, from anywhere in the world.

With these systems installed, you can have complete control of your home with just a few swipes on your phone!

From controlling the lighting in your house, to adjusting the temperature of your home, we can professionally install the services to suit your requirements.

Garage Doors

Open or close your garage doors from your phone! Your phone will act as a hand-held transmitter that can open and close garage doors without you having to get out out of the car


Take control of the temperature of your home, from your phone! Set heating schedules for your radiator or boiler to come on at certain times. Switch the heating on from your home and adjust individual room temperatures so you can come back to a warm home

Gate Automation

Electrically operated mechanisms, including remote control operation, automated operation that enable almost all gates to be operated automatically. NM Fire and Security has an excellent reputation in the field of automatic gate installation (otherwise knows as Electric Gates).

Internal/External Lighting

Control your home’s lighting from your phone! Set schedules for your lights and control them when you’re in your home or away, right from your phone.

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