Fire Alarms

NM Fire and Security Systems Ltd.

Protect Lives and Property

NM Fire and Security offer industry leading fire and smoke detection systems, designed to help protect people and property. Preventing fire is not always assured, but having the right technology to detect and alert you to fire is essential for saving lives and protecting important business information or precious personal items.

Our System Priorities


Detect the fire it at its very earliest stage and help save lives.


Protect your business assets and minimise damage to equipment.


Help in the evacuation of employees at the earliest opportunity.


Co-ordinate a safe evacuation with visual and audible instructions.


Video surveillance can supply vital information throughout the fire.


Monitoring System

NM Fire and Security fire alarm monitoring service saves lives by enabling fast alerts for the emergency services. As soon as our fire detection system signals a fire alarm, this signal is transmitted to our affiliated monitoring centre and the local fire service is alerted.


Our fire detection and alarm systems offer reliable, early detection of all fire types as well as managing false alarms!

They protect life and property and assist business by detecting fire at the earliest stage, allowing more time to evacuate, respond and extinguish fires.

Fire Prevention in the Workplace:


Do you maintain your system regularly?


Does it meet the latest safety standards?


Are you then insured?

Is it the right system for you?

Selecting the right system is very important. There are a variety of fire protection products available if a full installation is not necessary.
We can offer mains voltage smoke detectors with 12 volt battery and low voltage smoke detectors that can be integrated into security alarm systems.

Don’t underestimate the importance of early detection. Our systems can detect various fire situations across large premises using different sensors to detect smouldering fires and poisonous gases. Help reduce the risk of injury by calling us today to install your new Fire detection system or to manage, maintain and service your existing system.

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